Fill In…Cheer Captain…Tevin Can Sing…Grades…Hoes…Boys & Girls

Hey guys it’s Saida G. I used to write/blog whenever something big happened but I’ve been very busy and distracted lately. But I just was thinking and talking about Burdick so I decided since I have a little extra time today that I can at least post one blog and fill everybody in.

The People: Well it is finally 2018, which means I am a sophomore. Saint Francis High School is an irritating whole that is filled with friends, family, fuckboi’s, hoes, and disrespect, but along with that, we have great opportunities and lifelong friendships. An when I say hoes and fuckboi’s, i’m being so serious, o don’t say I didn’t warn you. Girls will steal, flirt, argue and act like they from the hood and about sum but they not, because all the fights that i’ve gotten into have been with the Latina’s and African Americans, all the white girls ain’t gonna do jack.(No offense to my white friends but they know I ain’t lying.) The guys will mess with you head, steal, lie, and if they don’t they on drugs. Some teachers are horrible and suck A, at there jobs but it’s life. (IG’s it’s W.E.)

Cheer: As of now my friend Yovana(A.K.A Lil Jojo) and I are the new St. Francis Mariners Cheer Captains, and we are recruiting both guys and girl for next year. So far the team consist of 12 girls and 2 boys but 3 girls and 1 boy are graduating this year. SO PLEASE IF YOU’RE COMING TO SAINT FRANCIS HS, COME TRY OUT!!!

Music and Tevin: Anyway all of our music programs are great too. Did anyone know that little Tevin is a singer. (I didn’t) but its whatever. Lunches could be better but compared to middle school, they’re GREAT.

Grades: I’ve been very busy with school work. Sadly grades at this school are so much different from others. I had straight A’s, but then I got the flu and missed two days and two of my grades went straight down to F’s. It’s been three weeks since then and my grades are still not back up there but this week they have been improving a lot. SO WATCH OUT FOR THAT, IF YOU’RE A PERSON THAT LIKES TO MISS A LOT OF SCHOOL.

Friends and Boyfriend: Writing about my friends is a thing that I love to do. In English we have Free Write days were all I do is write about my friends and things I go during school. My journal is very open and I let anyone read it at school. The way I talk represents me and how I act, which is why three of my teachers call me “Sassy Saida”.(LMAO DAT) But my friends are amazing, this year I cut off under 10 people because I don’t F’s with fake people, or hoes. But the friends I have now are great, I love each of them so much. Dania is my wife, yeah, she’s my ex but she’s always been my friend and I will always love her even if we’re dating other people. Right now I’ve been dating this guy named Isaiah Burke for the past 4 months. It’s crazy because people think that we’re lying when we say we haven’t been in not one argument, but it’s the truth.



Hey guys it’s Saida G. again. All I got to say is Guess What?

I am a Saint Francis Mariner Cheerleader. I never thought I would see the day, but I guess I have. (“I’ll post a picture later in my uniform to”) Anyway I made the team along with my friend Xio which is Rauls sister, and my favorite twins Anusty and Zakiria. They don’t look like there even sisters but aparently they are and they are twins so yeah. 

But hat’s it for now guys, I hope you guys had a fun year and survived your 8th grade or 7th grade years at Burdick. 

Also if any of you guys are going to Saint Francis next year Comment Below!!!

-Saida G.


Hey guys it’s Saida G. i know it’s been a while but I’ve been very busy.  This week is the time for my final exams and so far I’ve been doing pretty well, so I’m happy. The only real reason I love exam week is because I get out of school at 11 in the morning and because no one cares how you dress. Literally this is the week people come to school in pajamas and socks with messy hair. Guess why it’s becasue “We don’t Care”. 

Anyway on Thursday I have only one exam and that’s Biology. It should be pretty easy but wish me luck anyways guys. But on Thursday right after my exam I got to go to my friend Sam’s graduation and then a graduation party and then a wedding. So my day will pretty much be full. But the only reason I’m not really looking forward for this, is because I will not have time to change after my exam so I’ll have to go to school in this tight black really cute dress, looking like I’m going to freaking homecoming or something. (“I’ll post a picture later guys”)

-Saida G.

It’s Our Relationship Deal With It!!!

It's Our Relationship Deal With It!!!

White top

Glamorous sports jacket
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Nike trainers
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Nike bag

NIKE mesh bag
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Diane Kordas gold jewelry
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Lacoste watch
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Nike hat

Nike hat

Key chain

Tissot mens silver watch

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Yeah… Her Quince is finally here.

Yeah... Her Quince is finally here.

So much money, so much time, somuch work, so much crime…

Yes thank the Lord her Quince is finally here. It’s been the longest 5 months ever. Getting everything ordered, prepared, dances perfection, songs better then Beyonces, we are ready. This is what I have to wear because I’m in Angela’s court. Wish me good luck tomorrow (Friday). These dances were really hard an I’m singing Promise by Usher an Romeo Santos.

Cross your fingers for me!!!!


Spring Formal

Spring Fling
Just ordered these for my dumb Spring Formal. Wish one should I wear which one should my mi amor wear????????
-Saida G.💋
Going to Graduation and don't want to get too fancy. Here you go...

Deborah Lippmann gel nail color
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Trina Turk hair accessory
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Tech accessory

EWA round pendant
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Floral ring

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L a colors eyeshadow

Platform stiletto

I Can Be Girly & A Boy Too.

Just A Little Girly
Just ordered all of this stuff. Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve changed. But hey, I’ve always had this sense of style but now it’s just, I’m not as tired as I used to be in the morning getting ready for school. But yeah, I can be girly but I can also be a boy…
Boy/Girl Life

 Bae and I be looking cute for once. If you’re not Bi or Lesbian then the one good thing that comes from dating a girl is, is that you guys can both match and look more cute then the other person.

-Saida G.💋