Muhammad Ali


Right now in Ms.Brennan’s class she’s having us write an exit slip on who our hero is. I’m already done with all my work so I’m going to right on my blog about it because I’m bored.

So my hero is Muhammad Ali (yes the boxer). He’s my hero because he turned something that he loved doing into something that everyone had a part in. He wasn’t just trying to break racism, he was trying to bring peace and prosperity to the world. He also never gave up on anything that he believed in. So that’s why he’s my hero and if there wasn’t a him I probably wouldn’t have one!!



Red Arrow Park & Mall



This field trip had to be the best one so far but tied with folk fair. It was really fun. Iceskating with everyone and then going to the mall. Most of the time I hung out with Airlia and a remainder of other people. I liked this trip because we were outside and everyone was together taking squad pictures and hanging out with lots of people. Like me I hung out with some people I hardly ever talk to. But anyway, at the mall it was funny because Airlia and I were walking around and I talked to 8 strangers. An this one boy named Joe was sitting right next to Luis which was pretty funny because Luis was just like what!!! So yeah, when we were waiting to get on the bus, I was standing by Nolan, Davon, and Antonio. Nolan and I were talking all kinds of stuff towards each other as always and Davon and Antonio were just in the background saying things like (ohhh or dang savage). So that was that and alright BYE!!!

Going to Die

I swear I’m going to die now. Really!! We are not able to use computers/electronics in Mr.Skonecki’s class. I’m going to die. Why? That was the reason we looked forward for his class anyway but I guess whatever. Since he’s happy he has less work to do and we pay attention more.


YEAHHH!!! So this morning I woke up just in time. I had to wake up at 5:15am just to answer the phone from them at 5:30am without sounding like I was sleeping. But I had just made the call. It’s  funny because I only messed once in the dance routine, zero times in the sing, and once in the script for acting because I lost my place. But I got in. So happy and “the quote below is literally true”!!! There were pages in the script that were missing because I wasn’t allowed to see them. 


    So yesterday as in Monday depending on when you read this. I had an audition. It was right after school. During school I was nervous because I was wondering what would happen if I got the role or if I didn’t get the role. It would be pretty cool! Anyway this wasn’t just any audition for like a talent show or high school of the arts. It was an audition for an acting, singing, and dancing school. For after regular school of course because I’m not going to be a drop out. It’s crazy because it cost $50 to $100 a month, depending on what role you get. I find out if I got in and if I did, what classes I got into tomorrow which is Tuesday before school. I really could care less what categories I get placed in because I do all three. Anyway wish me luck!!!



Suicide Forest

Earlier this month the movie The Forest came out. It was a really good movie but to Victoria and I it was kind of well not creepy but it was more like a thriller then a horror movie. IN this movie they used the actual place for the movie. Anyway I’m told that that forest is real. It’s in Japan just like the movie. Victoria and her friend want to go, (not saying names). But I would want to go but I’m not in the stage of death yet. Would you want to go there?? Here are some pictures!!!



Do You Cry…

#89) Do you cry, why & when?

I guess, I don’t really cry. At All Anymore! I only cry when it’s really really serious like say someone very very close to me dies. Then I would cry, otherwise no.

My mom cries when she’s very frustrated. My sister cries everyday when she gets a question wrong on homework and has to redo it. My dad cries when I fail at doing something because he thinks it’s his fault. I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends cry, and I mean a lot. But it’s okay.

Crying is very natural. It’s good to cry, actually very good to cry sometimes. But only because you get to get everything out.