Red Arrow Park & Mall



This field trip had to be the best one so far but tied with folk fair. It was really fun. Iceskating with everyone and then going to the mall. Most of the time I hung out with Airlia and a remainder of other people. I liked this trip because we were outside and everyone was together taking squad pictures and hanging out with lots of people. Like me I hung out with some people I hardly ever talk to. But anyway, at the mall it was funny because Airlia and I were walking around and I talked to 8 strangers. An this one boy named Joe was sitting right next to Luis which was pretty funny because Luis was just like what!!! So yeah, when we were waiting to get on the bus, I was standing by Nolan, Davon, and Antonio. Nolan and I were talking all kinds of stuff towards each other as always and Davon and Antonio were just in the background saying things like (ohhh or dang savage). So that was that and alright BYE!!!


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