Last Day Of Today…

(So it’s February 29, 2016. There’s usually only 28 days in February but this year is leap year. Or so I was told. February is my favorite month of the year. I love the month of February because of my besets friends birthday, the weather changes the most, Valentines day, and my main reason because it’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!)

I will be naming 10 of my favorite BLACK HISTORY MONTH HERO’S. Just like I always do, but this year is different because instead of making a presentation. I have this blog. BYE!!


1.) MY HERO, Muhammad Ali, because he fought because he loved and for his people.(Heavyweight Boxer)

All of these people because they fought. Fought for what they thought was right and because they had a voice.

2.) Dr Martin Luther King Jr (Civil Rights Leader)

3.)Satchel Paige  (Baseball Player)

4.) Michael Jordan (Basketball Player)

5.) Phillis Wheatly (Slave Writer)

6.) Nelson Mandela (South African President)

7.) Harriet Tubman (Underground Railroad Leader)

8.) Queen Latifah (Rapper and Oscar Nominee)

9.) Rosa Parks (Bus Riding Activist)

10.) T.D. Jakes (Preacher)




Watched My Saturday Morning

Watched. I have surprisingly watched the whole first season of Fuller House and only in 3 days. (Friday, Saturday, and Monday)  But yeah no one cares about that so moving on and rewinding back to Saturday morning… NOTE (If you don’t care or don’t want to read this paragraph about a morning. Leave this page!)

Saturday, I woke up at exactly 7:00am at my house and Jalissa was still on the phone, but she was sleeping. She’s kind of always on the phone now but whatever. I was getting ready while watching Pretty Little Liars because I was in a rush and my TV was already on that show, so I left it. I didn’t have time to eat so I went to forensics hungry as ever. I got there it was pretty fun, I hung out with Mikayla, Marquis’s little sister the whole time. We both danced with everyone the whole time that we weren’t eating or in a round. Then her mom came just to tell her she’s dropping Marquis off at his game. At the end of the meet we all stuffed our faces with little caesars pizza, cookies, and chips. Our team got lots of medals and lots of blue ribbons. I was happy because I got a blue ribbon but not as happy as all of the other screaming people. When we got back to the school around 3:30 something, Jalissa and Melissa picked me up and we went to her grandma’s house.                           !!!BYE!!!



Dang Marquis

Dang Sumo wrestling was really fun. At first I said yess of course I’m doing it but then everyone had to cheer and drag my onto the floor. Even though everyone knows that I wasn’t trying. It’s Okay.

Lots of people said they want us to do a rematch. Comment if you want us to or not. 

!!!Great Job Marquis!!!


It’s Here!!!

Fuller House finally is here. Today February 26, 2016, Fuller House comes on Netflix. I’ve been waiting for this since they said they were making a this show. Now I’m just waiting for Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, come to there sense and come back to the show. They messed up bad in their lives with drugs. But you would honestly think that they would’ve learned life lessons from being on the show Full House in the first place.

Anyway can’t wait to go home and watch that. But I also can’t wait for these two movies to come out as well. Talking about Suicide Squad and Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice.


Betsaida Vs Marquis

So I left class and when I came back all I heard was “Betsaida you go up against Marquis”. Now I definitely was not expecting that. At All!! But I guess that works. Also I heard lots of people want me to win and think I’m going to win because of my dads fighting and mine as well.But that automatically does not mean I’m going to win. We both have a pretty good chance.

Comment below who you think and want to win.If it’s me, I’ll try my hardest and if it’s him Go Marquis!!

Can’t Wait to Find Out!! This Friday at 9:00am.



Upcoming Yeahs

(When you look weird as ever but for a cool and funny reason…)


Upcoming we are doing. On Friday I believe it’s time for sumo wrestling. It’s was super fun watching the eighth graders do it last year and now we get to do it. I’m not sure if I really really want to do it yet. But if I do it’s probably going to be really messed up. Hope everyone does it for the experience and bye.


It Hurts Like Crazy

Today I went to my cousins Eric and Lily’s house at 5 something which was after my long after school nap. When I got there, Eric, Lily, our friend Kenny, and my uncle Eric were there. We all literally ate a bowl of cereal, bagels, and then some nachos with nacho cheese. (Were Fat) Later on we watched the bucks and bulls game switching back and forth. The bulls won and the bucks lost against the Hornets. But anyway  we all had a break from watching the game and the boys started to hit Lily and I with some very hard toy swords and shooting us with dart guns. While I was getting hit with a sword I fell off of the bunk bed and hit my head on the corner of the dresser. Now there’s a big giant bump. But it’s been going down. Everyone stopped what they were doing and started yelling “dang that’s crazy, are you okay?” But now I’m okay. It was pretty funny though. Hopefully it goes down by Monday!! Bye.