Weekend Party

For a while now I’ve been going places every weekend or having people come over. But this weekend was the first weekend that I actually stayed at home with only my family, without calling any of my friends.

(Short Version of the Story)

Saturday:  Woke up at 5:00am, to get ready for forensics. I hung out with Autumn and Josie the whole time with some other people. While we stuffed our faces with cookies, muffins, crackers, and apples (Josie). This one group did demonstration and it had me dying with laughter. I got back home at 3:00pm and went to bed right away and didn’t wake up until 7:30pm. When I woke up almost all of my family was here. Out of adults (aunt Vicky, Cousin Rick, Uncle Eric, and my grandma, Cousin Ke Kae, his girlfriend, and his dad), out of little kids it was (my sister, my cousins Aniya, Adiana, Christian, Noah, and this one kid who didn’t talk at all), then older kids (cousins Ariana, John, and Eric). I woke up to people singing karaoke and playing games. At 2:49am, Eric and I slept in my room, my sister and Aniya slept in her bed, Noah and Christian slept in my dads room, and my dad slept on the couch.

Sunday: Woke up at the same time as Eric and all the little kids were in the living room watching tv, so we stayed in my room and watched Netflix. My dad made breakfast. Everyone left and Ke Kae, his girlfriend, and his dad came over again. We played cards and watched Netflix. Went out to dinner at a bar with them. Then my sister and I went to my moms house. I watched Netflix in my room. Then just did nothing.



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