Valentines Weekend

Friday,  was fun with everyone at school playing, That night I went to bed at 9:00pm because I had to wake up at 5:30am to get ready for forensics.

Saturday, this time they had a dance and it was really fun. But then this one part happened were the security guard started to twerk in front of Savannah and me. Which was just a big (No No No) moment. I got back from forensics at 5:00pm, which was a very long time to be there. I ate some food because I was starving, then had to pick up Jalissa and take her to Victoria’s house with me. Victoria wasn’t there so it was just Jalissa, Victoria’s mom Tracy, Tiffany, and me. But when we got there we had no clue that Tiffany was hiding in the bathroom waiting for Jalissa. When Jalissa sat down on the couch, she came out of the bathroom with a red rose and 2 balloons for Jalissa. It was really funny seeing Jalissa’s reaction.  We had a lot of fun. I fell asleep so they woke me up at 4:00am. Then we all didn’t go to bed until 5:00am after doing some very fun things.

 Sunday, morning we all woke up at about 9 something. We cleaned up a little and got some things ready for the party. A while after I woke up, my mom picked me up for about 2 hours so we could go out to eat, then I could go home clean up and take a shower and stuff. I got back and people started to arrive. It was really cute when Kason came because Victoria and him gave each other their gifts and then Victoria hung out with me because I am her bae (and Kason is not), for the rest of the night until I left. After I left I went to the store and then went to go pick up Mercedes. When we got to my house Mercedes put on the movie Mean Girls 2, then the show American Horror Story.

Monday, I woke up at exactly 9:00am and Mercedes and my little sister were outside shoveling. They came back inside and we ate breakfast. Now it’s 10:16am and I’m writing this blog.

Hope you all had a very good weekend and a great Valentines day with who ever you spent it with. I know I did. Anyway Bye!!!!



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