It Hurts Like Crazy

Today I went to my cousins Eric and Lily’s house at 5 something which was after my long after school nap. When I got there, Eric, Lily, our friend Kenny, and my uncle Eric were there. We all literally ate a bowl of cereal, bagels, and then some nachos with nacho cheese. (Were Fat) Later on we watched the bucks and bulls game switching back and forth. The bulls won and the bucks lost against the Hornets. But anyway  we all had a break from watching the game and the boys started to hit Lily and I with some very hard toy swords and shooting us with dart guns. While I was getting hit with a sword I fell off of the bunk bed and hit my head on the corner of the dresser. Now there’s a big giant bump. But it’s been going down. Everyone stopped what they were doing and started yelling “dang that’s crazy, are you okay?” But now I’m okay. It was pretty funny though. Hopefully it goes down by Monday!! Bye.



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