Last Day Of Today…

(So it’s February 29, 2016. There’s usually only 28 days in February but this year is leap year. Or so I was told. February is my favorite month of the year. I love the month of February because of my besets friends birthday, the weather changes the most, Valentines day, and my main reason because it’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!)

I will be naming 10 of my favorite BLACK HISTORY MONTH HERO’S. Just like I always do, but this year is different because instead of making a presentation. I have this blog. BYE!!


1.) MY HERO, Muhammad Ali, because he fought because he loved and for his people.(Heavyweight Boxer)

All of these people because they fought. Fought for what they thought was right and because they had a voice.

2.) Dr Martin Luther King Jr (Civil Rights Leader)

3.)Satchel Paige  (Baseball Player)

4.) Michael Jordan (Basketball Player)

5.) Phillis Wheatly (Slave Writer)

6.) Nelson Mandela (South African President)

7.) Harriet Tubman (Underground Railroad Leader)

8.) Queen Latifah (Rapper and Oscar Nominee)

9.) Rosa Parks (Bus Riding Activist)

10.) T.D. Jakes (Preacher)




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