Spring Break!!

This Spring Break I will most likely be doing nothing. Otherwise I’ll have people come over, and go places. I know for sure I’ll be going to Chicago half the time. An then on Friday/tomorrow, I’ll be really excited going to see Batman Vs. Superman Dawn of Justice. (CAN’T WAIT) But you know doing the same old, same old. Sitting in my room, chillin, watching Netflix, listening to music, hanging out with Jalissa, and/or even Victoria. I will only be doing these things and while doing them, wishing that I was with all of you, is because I’m in trouble at home and don’t want to go back. But you never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have. 

Anyway, everyone have a Great Spring Break, and I can’t wait to be back in school with all of you guys.


P.S.: I really don’t even want to go on Spring Break, so yeah, but that’s my opinion. I rather be in school with all of you guys.



When you get in trouble by the teachers and your parents about something you didn’t do. But then they ask you for your side of the story and when you start to tell it. They keep interrupting you and saying that, that’s not what happened even though that is what happened. That’s my life right now. PEOPLE THESE DAYS. ON GOD!!


So this year the concert was boring. I only liked the part were the kids sang Fight Song. I cried, it was funny because I cried though. Jalissa’s favorite part was when Patrick was blowing it up with his trumpet. And Jalissa thinks patrick is cute💋           -Jalissa put this.                                            -Saida🏀🎤


Spring Concert/#Jalissa&Diana

Thank God I finally get to just sit in the crowd with everyone else. Usually I always perform but it’s the last concert of the year and this is our last year. So I decided that I just want to sit and watch with everyone else. I will be helping out with some things but just not as much. (Sorry Jalissa and Diana, but that has been my plan this whole time.)                              -Saida🏀🎤

Today is St. Patricks Day


🍀True That🍀 

Happy St. Patricks Day

So today is St. Patricks day. Josie, Autumn, and I just felt that it was necessary to bring little hats for some people to wear. Especially since we’re all weirdo’s and we know it.  But if you don’t want to wear them just say no, instead of taking them and throwing them away.


For People Who Need English

This is Diana´s blog in English, because I know some of you were confused.                                -Saida🏀🎤

Victoria not know what I ‘d do without you , you’re one of my best amigos.Libby at first really did not like it because it just came in 3rd grade and Ms. Bivens made ​​all my little drafts throw away 😭but ​​We are friends now simply incredible . Mercedes during all the time he came here to now we have had our ups and downs , but after all we are close friends. Nathalie known each kindergarten and we remain friends who are very nice and I’m glad they were still friends. Flower ‘ve been friends for a while, but now we talk about once in a while . I ‘m forgetting anyone. Idk if I forget you.😁 comment

Last Surprising Call

On Friday I had a Forensics meet at Cardinal Stritch University. It was fun, and I got a blue ribbon so I get to go to City. We danced a lot and then I got in another argument/fight with this girl. An she ended up being so scared of me I almost got kicked off of the team, but for me it would’ve of been worth it because nobody talks to my friends like that and nobody gets that close to my face like that. So yeah. But on our long bus ride home, Ms.Wells was calling the people who got blue ribbons and she didn’t call my name. So I just thought I got disqualified, but then after everyone telling me that, that was unfair and I should’ve gotten one. Mrs.Wells gets up and says one more announcement and she said, “Also going to City is Betsaida Garcia with another blue ribbon.” I didn’t think it was a big deal, but everyone else did. An all I heard was screaming.