Two of Them, One of Me!

Today, was a very okay day I started it off with a saying that totally goes out to me. (When your supposed to wake up at 6:00am but you wake up at 5:59am. You close your eyes just to savor that last minute of sleep, but then wake up 15 minutes later.)

But now I’m at home doing my homework. When my dad gets home we’re most likely going to go for a run, then workout, and then play some sports, to enjoy this amazing weather we’re having now. An yet it’s not even spring until March 20, 2016. Can’t wait for the spring, even though I like the winter because I an just sit and do nothing and not be bored. I don’t exactly know how I can but I just can.                         

Problem of The Week:  There are two of them and one of me. Pressure, pressure…  People always with the pressure. Can I decide for myself or not? It’s not that serious. Also if someone says to leave them alone they mean it, that does not mean keep messing with them, especially if they don’t like you. What’s the point??




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