I haven’t been outside for awhile now, and lately I’ve been going out there with squad. But we’ve always just walked around talking and messing around. But today was different. I spent my time with Aliya, Money, and Marquis.

I haven’t ever played basketball with Money, or Aliya, but today I did. It was funny and very fun. The people playing were Aliya, Money, Marquis, and me. Our game was fun, we had teams but then they got mixed up a lot, because Aliya wasn’t trying at all because she doesn’t know how to play basketball. Later on through our little game, we tried teaching Aliya how to hold defense on Money but she didn’t want to. Aliya and Money left to play soccer but then came back because there was no soccer balls left. Eventually we had to come inside so Aliya and I held hands all the way from Mr.Conti’s room, until we got our things from our lockers.



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