Last Surprising Call

On Friday I had a Forensics meet at Cardinal Stritch University. It was fun, and I got a blue ribbon so I get to go to City. We danced a lot and then I got in another argument/fight with this girl. An she ended up being so scared of me I almost got kicked off of the team, but for me it would’ve of been worth it because nobody talks to my friends like that and nobody gets that close to my face like that. So yeah. But on our long bus ride home, Ms.Wells was calling the people who got blue ribbons and she didn’t call my name. So I just thought I got disqualified, but then after everyone telling me that, that was unfair and I should’ve gotten one. Mrs.Wells gets up and says one more announcement and she said, “Also going to City is Betsaida Garcia with another blue ribbon.” I didn’t think it was a big deal, but everyone else did. An all I heard was screaming.


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