Graduation Anger

I’m really so angry I’ve been waiting for graduation weekend for the longest time ever and now I won’t be here. I already knew that my step mom wanted to go see her father in new mexico this summer again but right after graduation day. I can’t believe it. I’m very angry. I had a lot of plans with a whole bunch of my friends and now I have to wait until I get back. But it seems like that is way to late for everyone. New Mexico is amazing and everything but I wish it could wait for the middle of summer so I could spend time with friends.



One of My Best Weekends

Hey guys I’m back again for just one more post of today just to get myself caught up on blogging. Well anyway this is about my weekend in Chicago with my best friend Isaac.

I got a little sick this weekend but that did not stop me from having fun. I’ve been wanting to go visit my family in Chicago again for the past two weeks and Isaac missed my family so I took him to. It was super fun because it was very hot down there. What we did was we took the jeep top down and went down to the lake. The wind felt so good blowing through my hair but anyway, as we went down to the lake we stopped by Rainbow Cone ice cream shop that we always went to as kids. (Really good ice cream by the way) Then we went to the movies as it got late. We seen the movie Barbershop. (Really good movie go see it) Then we went back to my cousins house played some basketball, ate more food, bounced on the trampoline, and went back home.

It was a great weekend until I got back home and remembered how sick I felt. Otherwise I can’t wait for another weekend were Isaac and I go back up to Chicago.



You Are My Family!!


Hey guys it’s Saida, lately I haven’t been wanting to post unless it’s something like this or I’m just bored. But no one cares anyway so lets get to the point. Today some of my friends and I were talking and one of them had me explain to the group what I think of them. Now that I did I should probably explain it to everyone. So here I go…

Most of you know what I think of you, some of you think I don’t like you or some of you just think I want you off the face of this planet, but that’s not true. I think of you all as my family. Literally even if I say I don’t like you I might be serious and all but I still count you as family. You all might not like school but school is a privilege to me. It’s my chance to be in a place surrounded by people who want me there and people that I love and want to be around. To me, you all are like blood. It’s my happiness to make sure and see that you all are alright  and happy. Some of you may be older then me but to me I’m all of your guys older sister and I take care of all of you. So Yeah but that’s me, you might be thinking no no your not my family, I don’t even like you. Well as I said before I don’t care your my family. So Love You! Bye!!


Reading (BORING)

Now you all know me I do not like reading at all. But my favorite aunt Mickey gave me this book called The Child Called It! I didn’t really want to read it but since she suggested it I said okay. So it only took me a week to read it. It was a really really good book, especially since it is a true story. Now I never thought that I would ever want to read a book without being forced but I want to read the second book called The Lost Boy. So if you like reading I recommend this book. Bye Everyone!


We went to the brewers game yesterday and everyone knows it. It was really fun. At the beginning I was watching the game with Mercedes and Diana. But then I wanted to start walking around. So back and forth I went from my seat to the food area. Then I met up with Jalissa after lots of people seen my cousin Eric. Jalissa, Marquis, Zach, Eli, Victoria, Nuala, Adam, and half the time Diana were all walking around recording Jalissa trust falling on everyone, and me saying I appreciate you best friend to everyone. Later on Marquis made up this game that the guys played called rock, paper, number. As in I win you give me your number, you win you get to slap me. But it was fun, I hardly ate and I seen a lot of people from my old school that I grew up with.

But anyway hope you all had a great time like I did. Bye!!


Secrets & Caring

To the weird things that I wish weren’t true but are…

I never thought that secrets were actually secrets because there’s always that one person who knows about it. But in this case there isn’t. It’s true that when you keep a secret, it’s not really a secret because you always have one person who knows. An if you want the secret to be kept why should the person you told keep it a secret if you didn’t. TRUE THAT!!!!!!!

This is also true. To those people that you say you don’t care about because you believe you don’t, but then when their in a mood it changes your mood too. That’s me. For no reason when (SAY) someone that I care about is upset or sad, I’ll be upset or sad. Like last week one of my friends were crying and all of a sudden here comes a tear drop from my eye. Weird isn’t it. But it happens!!