Spring Break

The Boring Beginning:   This Spring Break was very boring to me. I basically did nothing. The only fun things that I did do, were go swimming with my cousins, but I didn’t even swim. I went to the movies and to my cousins house were my friends live which was pretty cool because I haven’t seen them since my 14 year old friend’s, babies 2 birthday party.

😂Funny But Serious News:  (Because I really should pay attention to where I’m going!) My Spring Break was actually pretty boring this time, but then there’s that one thing that happened. I was riding my hover board really fast and someone put their foot in front of it and I flew off of it. I literally flew over my own body into the wall.  I was surprisingly laughing about it but then I found out that I bruised my bottom rib😢. It hurts but it was really funny, I don’t know how but it was. I guess I’m just crazy like that.

Anyway hope you all had a good and fun spring break and can’t wait to see you all back at school.



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