Sadly Never Like Before

So before I was so happy about were I lived and how far my rides would be but for some reason I’m not anymore. Before this post I posted about my knew BMX bike. Alright, an I was really excited about riding it but my God, it was the wrong day for that. Back when I lived about 4/5 miles away from the lake front I rode my bike there from home and back, no sweat about it. But today when I did it, I felt like I was going to dye. Now I live about like, 1 mile away from the lake front and it was torture. I felt like my ears were going to fall off, I couldn’t hear anything, not even the loud cars driving bye. I honestly thought I was going deaf. They hurt like crazy.

Now I know I may be over exaggerating but it’s true. Seriously nothing hurt on me besides my ears and my head. Before I moved, I had never actually thought that riding my bike would be so torturous.

P.S.: This is for Josie! I miss my skate board!But sadly I broke it in two. Also Josie stop making me cry!! That’s not nice!!



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