It’s Not Unusual (UH YES IT IS)

Read All Or Don’t Read Any!!!

Serious Now:   Sorry about all of this stuff. It may sound like complaining or whatever. But it actually is reminding. Reminding you of who you are, because two of my best friends have lost themselves. An I’m sorry to see that.

Meaningful Moments:   Life is Life, Love is Love, Friendship is Friendship, You are You, and I am Me. These are things that can be enjoyed. But when it comes to these things being mixed together it gets hard. My experience with all of these things are quite unusual for you but normal for me. It’s not unusual for me to see relationships break, friendships terminated, and others try to act like something there not. But what is not usual for me is to see myself walking away. Now I’m not talking walking away from a relationship, or a friendship. I’m talking about walking away from something/someone who is trying to come back. Even though it took them (what) 11 years to.

Listen there’s a difference between family, friends, relationships, you, and me. But there is not a difference in us. We all together is what us means. That’s something that we all will always have. Don’t forget that because lately lots & lots of people are forgetting what us means.

-Sorry Saida🏀🎤


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