Secrets & Caring

To the weird things that I wish weren’t true but are…

I never thought that secrets were actually secrets because there’s always that one person who knows about it. But in this case there isn’t. It’s true that when you keep a secret, it’s not really a secret because you always have one person who knows. An if you want the secret to be kept why should the person you told keep it a secret if you didn’t. TRUE THAT!!!!!!!

This is also true. To those people that you say you don’t care about because you believe you don’t, but then when their in a mood it changes your mood too. That’s me. For no reason when (SAY) someone that I care about is upset or sad, I’ll be upset or sad. Like last week one of my friends were crying and all of a sudden here comes a tear drop from my eye. Weird isn’t it. But it happens!!



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