We went to the brewers game yesterday and everyone knows it. It was really fun. At the beginning I was watching the game with Mercedes and Diana. But then I wanted to start walking around. So back and forth I went from my seat to the food area. Then I met up with Jalissa after lots of people seen my cousin Eric. Jalissa, Marquis, Zach, Eli, Victoria, Nuala, Adam, and half the time Diana were all walking around recording Jalissa trust falling on everyone, and me saying I appreciate you best friend to everyone. Later on Marquis made up this game that the guys played called rock, paper, number. As in I win you give me your number, you win you get to slap me. But it was fun, I hardly ate and I seen a lot of people from my old school that I grew up with.

But anyway hope you all had a great time like I did. Bye!!



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