One of My Best Weekends

Hey guys I’m back again for just one more post of today just to get myself caught up on blogging. Well anyway this is about my weekend in Chicago with my best friend Isaac.

I got a little sick this weekend but that did not stop me from having fun. I’ve been wanting to go visit my family in Chicago again for the past two weeks and Isaac missed my family so I took him to. It was super fun because it was very hot down there. What we did was we took the jeep top down and went down to the lake. The wind felt so good blowing through my hair but anyway, as we went down to the lake we stopped by Rainbow Cone ice cream shop that we always went to as kids. (Really good ice cream by the way) Then we went to the movies as it got late. We seen the movie Barbershop. (Really good movie go see it) Then we went back to my cousins house played some basketball, ate more food, bounced on the trampoline, and went back home.

It was a great weekend until I got back home and remembered how sick I felt. Otherwise I can’t wait for another weekend were Isaac and I go back up to Chicago.




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