You Are My Family!!


Hey guys it’s Saida, lately I haven’t been wanting to post unless it’s something like this or I’m just bored. But no one cares anyway so lets get to the point. Today some of my friends and I were talking and one of them had me explain to the group what I think of them. Now that I did I should probably explain it to everyone. So here I go…

Most of you know what I think of you, some of you think I don’t like you or some of you just think I want you off the face of this planet, but that’s not true. I think of you all as my family. Literally even if I say I don’t like you I might be serious and all but I still count you as family. You all might not like school but school is a privilege to me. It’s my chance to be in a place surrounded by people who want me there and people that I love and want to be around. To me, you all are like blood. It’s my happiness to make sure and see that you all are alright  and happy. Some of you may be older then me but to me I’m all of your guys older sister and I take care of all of you. So Yeah but that’s me, you might be thinking no no your not my family, I don’t even like you. Well as I said before I don’t care your my family. So Love You! Bye!!



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