I always wanted to watch the movie GBF because lots of people said it was good. I finally watched the whole thing after three days. It’s crazy because at my cousins birthday party, lets just say I have a new GBF.

After 6 hours of hanging out with my cousins GBF we got more closer then they have ever been. I don’t really know why that happens to me. Every time I meet someone knew and we’ll hang out for a while, we’ll just get really close automatically. Even more closer then the person that introduced us. I really need to stop being so open to new people, but it’s either that or shy.


P.S.: A GBF is basically he bestest friend you could ever have. Sorry to all of my other best friends, you all know I love you guys, but it’s true. Bye!!!!



Not Anymore

Forgot to post this yesterday.

He got me crying over here. My husband isn’t performing anymore. He got replaced by this Farruko person. He’ so ugly, they should of stuck with Prince Royce. Mercedes and we’re looking forward to seeing him this year because last year we were going to go and then she got in trouble.


Lets Go

I didn’t know what to write about so I’m writing about this…

Every other day when I’m at my dads house he’ll make do homework and then after I’ll have to do 2 extra hours of reading and math. “BORING”, But I got to do it. When I’m done we’ll usually ride our bikes to Nathanael Greene Park and play some basketball. I asked to go play basketball, I didn’t ask for a basketball coach. Like if I don’t make the ball in, I have to run a lap around the court. Seriously what happened to fun. I guess it is good that it’s about 2 blocks away from St. Francis High School, so then after school I can just go over there and play basketball.

But anyway in the summer that’s mostly what I’ll be doing with all of my cousins. So I guess this means Lets Go Shoot Some Hoops. Bye!!




Who Knew

So yesterday after I got done picking my classes at St. Francis, I went shopping for graduation shoes. From 5:00 all the way to 10pm, I was shopping. I never knew shopping was that hard, especially for nice girly shoes. Usually I just go in the store see some very nice shoes I like, buy them, and leave. But then again it was for flats and I never wear flats only shoes. Uhhhh, who knew shopping was so hard.



Hey all of Saida’s friends it’s her cousin Eric. Some of you no me. Anyway she told me I could write about anything so I’m writing about our gym Roufusport.

Her dad Luis Garcia or people know him as KoolWhip, started her off there. Then she stopped going and I started. Now whoever knows who Anthony Pettis UFC fighter is, he trained there and still does. He’s a pretty cool guy but very serious.

For all of you who actually would want to go for a work, know how to protect yourself and others go there. They will not disappoint you. Join us, you will not be disappointed.


P.S.: Eric Garcia Was Here…



Bae Is Coming To Summer Fest

Just got the news that on Thursday June 30, 2016, my Bae will be coming to summer fest. Some of you know who he is but for those who don’t it’s Prince Royce. He is my husband for life. Last year I was supposed to go see him at his concert with Mercedes but then she got in trouble so we didn’t go. But this time I’m going with or without her. (Sorry Love but it’s true)


She’s Coming Too!!!


How Rude Hazeal

You guys Hazeal forgot my birthday. Everyone said Happy Birthday except for him. How Rude is that!! I shouldn’t have to tell you, everyone else knew. Bet you’ll remember next time. Bye!