Half Way There

I’m half way through…  This is going to surprisingly be a blog about a book. Never thought I’d ever get through a book that I like so much on my own but the Child Called It and The Lost Boy (Sequel to Child Called It) changed that.

I already read A Child Called It, it’s so sad and so messed up to be a true story. I’m so thankful that Dave Pelzer (It’s) mother went to jail for what she did to Dave Pelzer (It). No mother or even adult should ever treat a child the way she treated her last son. But anyway now I’m reading the sequel to that which is called The Lost Boy. So far these are actually the only books I’ve finished on my own. I hate reading but these books are worth it. Lots of people think that they got it bad with their family. Sorry to say but “No” this kid did.

If you don’t want me to spoil some things his mother does to him don’t read this part!!!

His mother beats him, stabs him, makes him sleep on a cot in the garage, feeds him his brothers cereal leftovers, makes him run to school, chores, and sometimes puts him stuck in the bathroom filled with ammonia and clorox.



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