Cinco De Mayo

It’s not Cinco De Mayo yet but yesterday Jalissa, Victoria, Nicki, Autumn, Uriel, Tony, and others went to after math at Faith Builders Church. It was my first time going on a Tuesday but I’m happy I did. It was super fun and I can’t wait to go next week too.

At aftermath they had a Nacho eating contest, Diana would’ve won but she didn’t open her month right after she was done eating so someone else won. Uriel would’ve won a limbo contest but when it got to the last three he touched the ground. Otherwise most of the time we all stayed outside with the football, and took pictures, and just hung out. At the end it was just Jalissa, Victoria, Uriel, and me, Jalissa’s (Dad) got into his car an blasted Panda. We all started dancing and sining. It was a really fun night.


snapchat-6533016685995037812.jpg Notice Diana in Back



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