I Finally Opened My Smile

I finally opened my smile. When I was little I would always smile but then middle school came and it was hard. But then this year and last year getting closer to all of my friends got me to be happy around all of you. But at home, no. Nothing. But yesterday changed something when I got into my dads car on that beautiful day.

“So today, I already said I was driving with my dad down by the lake/by St. Francis high school. It was a really beautiful day. It’s been a while since I actually smiled in front of my father or in front of the sun. It was really nice just to sit in silence with him and my sister and be able to hear the wind and other people playing outside. As we were driving I had my dad stop at some basketball court because there was a really intense game going on. I’m actually really surprised I seen that many people outside. It was nice to see everyone hanging out together in the sun on a nice day. That’s basically the only reason I’m looking forward to summer, otherwise if I could, I’d skip the summer and go straight to high school.”


P.S.:  Enjoy life you never know when you will lose something you had but never realized it until you lost it!!

Also Mr.Skonecki stop reading my post!!!!!!




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