St. Francis/New House

Today is well obviously a beautiful day. After school I walked to my moms house with my little sister. She was being annoying as always, and talking and talking and talking. But then we got to my moms house and she stopped. (Thank God) At 3:20, my dad picked us up. He took us to go look at a house. It was better then all the other ones we looked at, I guess. But I don’t want to move there. It’s way to far from this school and St. Francis. So I’m living in St. Francis now with my dad and I’m in St. Francis school already, so I’m for sure going there. Looking at new houses is fun but then sometimes people can have the most disgusting houses ever.

Anyway, everyone knows me. I like don’t like being happy but I’ll be happy most of the time, NOW. Well today as we were driving down in St. Francis, I noticed how beautiful it is down there by the lake and everything. I never realized that before. Now I actually can’t wait for summer or well just for the weather, not for school to be out. I can’t wait to go traveling and go to beaches and stuff like that. It’s going to be really fun.



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