If you don’t really like all of that meaningful stuff, then you should just turn back and read someone else’s blog. But before I start on what the topic is about this…

Hey you guys, so my cousins and I were talking about how things our going at school and home, since our dance teacher was late to our practice. (For one of my cousins Quinceanera) So they were talking and I was listening, like yeah, okay, so that’s going on. Then they asked me what’s going on in my life, so I told them. They were asking me all kinds of personal questions but then they asked about family. I thought about what to say but inside I knew, and that’s how I got started.

“Everyone at this school is my family and I mean everyone. Even if that person just hates me, I don’t care, I still count them as my family. I count friends as my family and my actual family more as well I don’t know. It’s a little complicated. But they also asked what my definition of family is and I said, ” It’s when there are people that only have each other forever. They do almost everything with each other, have dinner, go to the park, anything. It’s when before you go to bed you can at least have the decency to say, Good Night or I Love You.

Family has many different meanings but everyone has a different meaning of family, that’s not my definition. I don’t know what mine is but I’m still figuring it out.




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