Define What You Believe

When your done with these three passages comment below what your definition of these things are.

Love: Love is special. No one knows exactly what love is because everyone has a different definition of it. But if we were to say a definition. Love is a variety of different feelings. It’s when you can’t go a day without seeing that special person or when you can’t ever be mad at that person. Even when you try, you always can’t help but smile or laugh. It’s the person you actually love to let hold you and be by  you almost every second of the day.

Family: Family is the real thing. They will always love you and care for you. Family is basically all you will ever have because they’ll always be there, no matter what.

Best Friend: A best friend is a person that is always there for you, and knows you so well. A best friend is someone that you can trust with everything and go to for everything. This best friend will always be with you and care for you when times are rough so you can cry on there shoulder and have so much fun. A best friend is a real best friend when you guys don’t even have to talk to each other, just to laugh with each other.





Now just some true things we don’t understand…

1.) Blood does not make a family, love does.

2.) Heart break is not just a metaphor.

3.) Expressing gratitude towards people you love causes an immediate spike in your happiness.

4.) Holding a loved ones hand relieves pain and stress.

5.) Friends are for now, but family is forever!



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