Seeing the Stars

On January 15, 2010, my grandfather died. He was basically my best friend. I did almost everything with him and my cousin Eric because that’s when we all lived together in what you guys would call “The Hood”, but what I call home my real home. My dad, my sister, my grandma, grandpa, uncle, and cousin Eric all lived in one duplex house together. That’s when times were great. My grandpa, cousin and I would always look at the stars together at night time. We were outside most of the time with them. But then he died, I never not once thought that he would die but he did.

Over the weekend my cousin and I were one the phone at night looking at the stars. An we were just remembering all of the good times we used to have with our grandfather. It’s was fun. So I guess that is one of our habits and will always be. It may be weird to most of you guys but to us it’s normal because thats the only time we feel like things are back to the normal way they used to be.


P.S.: As long as the memories of certain beloved friends and family lives in my heart, I shall keep saying life is good!!!


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