Lets Go

I didn’t know what to write about so I’m writing about this…

Every other day when I’m at my dads house he’ll make do homework and then after I’ll have to do 2 extra hours of reading and math. “BORING”, But I got to do it. When I’m done we’ll usually ride our bikes to Nathanael Greene Park and play some basketball. I asked to go play basketball, I didn’t ask for a basketball coach. Like if I don’t make the ball in, I have to run a lap around the court. Seriously what happened to fun. I guess it is good that it’s about 2 blocks away from St. Francis High School, so then after school I can just go over there and play basketball.

But anyway in the summer that’s mostly what I’ll be doing with all of my cousins. So I guess this means Lets Go Shoot Some Hoops. Bye!!





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