Late Graduation Post


So this is an old post, I was supposed to post this the Thursday before graduation but I had to do some stuff and couldn’t but now I can. But I d really wish that I had the chance to post this when everyone was reading this because people needed to hear it.

It’s finally the end of the year. Our last year at Burdick. It’s been pretty fun being with everyone this year, making new friends, new enemies, a lot of new things. I honestly wish that I could just skip the summer and go straight into high school. But there is a summer and I’m happy. I remember at the beginning of the year everyone always just wanted to hurry and get out of school but now that it’s time to, people are sad. But that’s how it’s always been.

Anyway tomorrow is our graduation. Not really a big deal to me but to lots of people it is. Now all I have to say is don’t think of it as the last day of school or the last day of being with friends, think of it as a new beginning or a test. It’s a new beginning because we’re all going to have a new start at high school, with new friends and new almost everything. Then it is also a test because we all say we’re going to stick together this summer and through high school but do we all really mean it. Like be real most of us will lose touch with each other and never see each other again. But then to some of us we’ll be a little way to close.

So to all of us I ask a thousand times stick together, be friends, or to some of you couples if it ever ends stick together be friends as it used to be. Our classes should never change because we’re not one ordinary 8 grade class room. We turned our 8 grade class into family as always.




Summer AfterMath

Going back to AfterMath with Jalissa this summer. Should be fun. Never went during he summer before so hopefully it’s as fun as she tells me it is. Have a great summer everyone, love all, miss you all, stick together. Saida signing off!!😂


I’m Back “Finally”

Even though it’s summer and most likely no one is reading this, I am. I’m still going to be posting because it’s kind of become a habit. So I missed the very last day of school because I was in New Mexico. It was pretty fun but I wish that I could have been there for the last day of school. I did  a lot of things out there in New Mexico, I also went to the Grand Canyon, Houston Texas, El Paso, and Dallas. I had a very fun time out there, except the fact that there was no signal, so I wasn’t in touch with no one and then I had no music.

When I came back which was early Sunday morning I flew in a 3:30 in the morning. Sunday I basically relaxed, played basketball as always, and went to families houses but Monday was the real fun. I just had gotten back from being all the way over there and I missed all of my friends already so I called Jalissa and we went swimming at my house for hours. Later on we both fell asleep.

It was pretty at least being able to come back and already see my best friend. Hopefully that keeps happpening throughout the whole summer.


My Hero/Another One


This is a little late but I wasn’t on here until I wrote about Marquis making me angry.

But my hero, some of you know that my hero is Muhammad Ali. He died. I’m so angry about this. First my brother Prince and now my hero/dad Muhammad Ali, who’s next my husband Prince Royce. Everyone just has to die, I know that but why now. Anyway R.I.P. my father.


Marquis Makes Me Mad

The field trip on Friday was pretty amazing. The whole time I hung out with Mario, Davon, both Antonio’s, Diana, Libby, Nathalie, Sam, Airlia, Hazeal, Max, mostly Adam, Eli and Marquis. It was fun hanging out with them because I finally got some new friends like Davon he’s my new “Black Presidential Best Friend”, just like others but you know.

Anyway on our way back home while we were on the boat I fell asleep because my head hurt really bad because I hit it on the submarine door. While I was sleeping Marquis was taking pictures of me while he was trying to lean on me, and mess with me. It sucks because when I wanted to see them Max’s phone died and then he deleted them. (So irritating). But now I still don’t know what else he was doing to me. BOYS THESE DAYS!

1 Rule For Forever: Never fall asleep when Marquis is by you, because you never know what’s going to happen. -Saida



This weekend started really good and ended great. First I sadly did nothing on Friday night, but I stayed up late watching old movies, that I haven’t seen for a long time.

Saturday:  Saturday morning started off with my dad and I exercising, cleaning, and playing basketball for 2 hours. Then we came home hungry as ever just to eat an apple and drink some water. I had to change because it got super hot and I was kind of wearing pants and a sweater. Crazy right? Anyway 15 minutes later we went back to the park to play more basketball for an hour. My little cousin got super lucky and found $20 in the sand. Then I got really really bored, so I called Airlia to come over. We went to the store for 20 minutes waiting on my uncle, went to my cousin Eric’s house to pick him up, went to the park to play more basketball in the rain. After all of that before we went to my dads house we stopped at the gas station, which is right next to Luis’s house, so we texted him like, “Luis Betsaida and I are outside”. He was tripping. But anyway, we went to my dads house and had a very long serious talk. As she was leaving her mom was standing outside my door and scared the happiness out of me.

Sunday:   Sunday I woke up really early with my dad. We got ready and went to play more basketball then we came back home so I could get ready for Quinceanera practice. It was long but next week Sunday we start practicing our bachata dance with the boys. Hopefully it’s not the real real bachata because it’s a really close dance. Afterwards I got ready again to go to Walworth Illinois for my cousin Maribel’s 16 birthday party. We stayed there for the whole rest of the day. We played one game of basketball, three games of volleyball, and a game of popcorn, along with making s’mores. When we came back I fell right to sleep because it was super late.

Memorial Day: Sadly I actually wish there was school but then no. My family and I had a big barbecue at the park. My cousin Eric and I basically ate all of the watermelon. It was super good.(Jalissa see no bugs in the fruit this time) Later on we had a really long hour and a half family basketball game,

I’m finally done now with my long story about my long weekend. I hope you all had fun I defiantly know Laylah did at the concert. I really hope that this week will be better then last week because on Friday it just ruined me. Bye everyone.