I’m Back “Finally”

Even though it’s summer and most likely no one is reading this, I am. I’m still going to be posting because it’s kind of become a habit. So I missed the very last day of school because I was in New Mexico. It was pretty fun but I wish that I could have been there for the last day of school. I did  a lot of things out there in New Mexico, I also went to the Grand Canyon, Houston Texas, El Paso, and Dallas. I had a very fun time out there, except the fact that there was no signal, so I wasn’t in touch with no one and then I had no music.

When I came back which was early Sunday morning I flew in a 3:30 in the morning. Sunday I basically relaxed, played basketball as always, and went to families houses but Monday was the real fun. I just had gotten back from being all the way over there and I missed all of my friends already so I called Jalissa and we went swimming at my house for hours. Later on we both fell asleep.

It was pretty at least being able to come back and already see my best friend. Hopefully that keeps happpening throughout the whole summer.



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