Here but Not Here Yet

Hey guys it’s Saida back again but this time it’s the end of summer. Before I start talking about my one day at school already, i’m going to start with the thing most of you probably are going to care about.

I Have Classes With: 

Homeroom with Aliya, Antonio, and Alex

Algebra 1 with Nicki and Autumn

English with Ella Beth

and then Biology, Lunch, World History, and English with Allen 

Anyway, Thursday August 25, 2016, I all freshman at Saint Francis High School had to go to school for the day. 7:30 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon. It was a long day. When I first walked in I seen Eric, Larry, Kyle, Alex, all that group, they were standing on the right side of me. Then I looked on the left side and there I see Aliya, Autumn, Nicki, and Ella, just looking at me to see if I seen them. I stood by them at the room we were in was very crowded with freshman. When we went in we did a survey and then went into the theater. They had us do a really weird dance and then talked and talked.

Short Version of the rest of the Story:  Then they split us into groups and each group had to make a cheer and then we played games in the gym and around the building. The lunch food was super good it was nachos or pizza with salad and some other things. After lunch we played more games and then an hour before it was time to go we learned our classes and went to our classes as if it was a regular school day. After that we had a little assembly in the gym and guess who’s joining football. (The answers ME) Then it was time to go home.

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Glad I went to this High School!!




Bringing Best Friend To Orientation

Bringing Best Friend To Orientation


I wore this to my orientation with my friend shy. You guys already know I was in the red, as always. But our pictures for our ID’s came out ugly. Almost everyone’s came out well horrible. But the people in the school are pretty cool.


 So August 12, is my birthday right but this is going to be a busy week. Today is my cousins birthday, tomorrow my cousin and I have football practice, (yes I joined Football) and my sister has cheerleading, Wednesday is Mercedes orientation, and Thursday is mine. My party is batman themed but not everyone will be wearing Batman. Birthday Outfit