Dear Teachers & Students

First I will write to the students and I will write to the 8th grade teachers. 

Student: Dear Students of the 8th grade class room, I am writing to you to let you know that you should enjoy 8th grade. It should honestly be the best year of your middle school lives. An take it from me I graduated and I didn’t even think that was possible for me. (But it is) Yes it’s a lot of work but, it should be, it’s a better and a higher grade. So just enjoy it because next year you all are going to high school and it’s going to be a lot harder. It’s seriously only September 7, 2016, and I already have lots of homework from every class. It’s Wednesday so that means I got out of school at 2:00 instead of 3:00 and I’ve been working on homework from then until now which is 8:37pm. But anyway…

Mr.Skonecki & Ms.Brennan: Thank you Mr.Skonecki & Ms.Brennan for my 8th grade year. I know I was probably a bit of a handful, but thank you. Thank you for preparing me for high school, thank you for helping me understand. High school has been so far really easy, well besides all of the whole lot of homework I have to do. But I did join the football team and I’m in the all school choir. Just so much to do this year. Oh yeah I almost forgot I also joined the dance team. It’s very exciting. But for you guys so far I’m actually getting the world history, Spanish and algebra, there pretty easy for me considering the facts. I love all of my classes and the people that go here. I also can’t wait for homecoming on the 24 it’s theme is Once Upon A Time… But anyway can’t wait to have a day off were I can come visit everyone for the day. Best wishes to all the teachers and the new 8th graders. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE. Bye!!



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