High School/ Homecoming

High School:     Hey guys it’s Saida. Now I’m just going to write every once in a while because so far I’ve been really busy doing things like school work, football games, homecoming, football practice, and lots and lots of homework!!! High school is not what I thought it would be at all. There’s no drama (well now), there’s a EMO group of kids, there’s the cheerleaders that sometimes walk around in there little uniforms, everybody talks to everybody, we all get along. Just things I did not think high school was going to be like.

Friends:     From Burdick that goes to Saint Francis High School I still talk to Autumn, Nicki, Aliya, Ella, Antonio, Sam, Antonio, and Allen. Mostly I only talk to Allen and Antonio. I sometimes talk to Aliya, Autumn, Ella, and Sam. Then Nicki and I aren’t that close anymore but we talk. People who do’t go to the same high school as me I only talk to my two best friends Jalissa and Airlia, I don’t know what happened to Mercedes, she just disappeared on me.

Homecoming:     I didn’t want to go but everyone is forcing me to so I guess. All the girls are getting really dressed up and I’m just going casual but dressy. I love the way all of the guys are asking the girls to homecoming. Their all doing it with a bouquet of flowers and a poster.  Then me I had a date well three times but the first break up, the second he got in trouble and couldn’t go anymore, and the third well his was on the same day as mine. High School Is Just Another Way Of Saying You’re Getting Older And Everything Is About To Get Worse. 




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