My first homecoming was very “lit”. I wasn’t going to go at first because I didn’t want to and because I lost my date 2 times. But then my friends Allen, and Mr.Isaiah made me go. (Before you ask yes I said Mr.Isaiah. He’s one of my other guy best friends besides Allen and Jesus. He’s 14 just like me and his name is Mr.Isaiah Duncan!) Anyway I went to homecoming and it was so fun. Unlike all the other dances I have gone to, this one was the best. This time everyone was dancing. For the four slow dances Mr.Isaiah, my friend Dania, and I all danced together. It was really funny because everyone was looking at him like “oh ok he got two girls not one”, but it was cool. At 10:30 when it was time to go they played the best songs and everyone was talking pictures.

When you guys get to high school go to your homecoming because even if you don’t have a date, or know anyone there, it doesn’t matter everyone dances with everyone. If I wanted to I couldn’t even be able to count how many people I didn’t know but still danced with. I already know that on Monday things will be way better!!



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