Bye Bye

It’s October 21, 2016 it’s exactly 7:42pm. I’m just now packing and getting ready for my road trip all the way to Los Cruces New Mexico for my uncles funeral. I’ll be gone for five days and the funny thing is, is that when I come back I’ll be going to school for Thursday an that’s it because SFHS doesn’t have school on Friday.

I feel so bad because my best friends/brothers & sister (Airlia no offense you still my only) Dania, Mr.Isaiah, and Allen are kind of mad at me because I’m leaving. But Dania is really angry because I told her really late and I didn’t say goodbye because I was walking with this friend named Jesus because he wanted to walk me to my car & say goodbye to me then.



First Concert

I thought I was done with concerts but I guess not. My dad has picked all of my classes for school and Concert Choir was one of them. My new main Dania and I stand in the front row of our concert tomorrow at 7:00.


I love my friends. They let be be me. No matter what I want to wear, who I like, what my choices are, they let me be me. Even if they don’t enjoy what I look like or what I’m doing they understand. Understand more then anyone else in my life an I am thankful for that. So around me just be you because I don’t care what you do or what your choices are as long as you’re being yourself.
My Girly Days!!!

As always I'm always ready for the day and for what outfits to wear. So Time To Dance, I'm ready for class.

My Comfortable Days!!!


Right now I am just so happy because I just got home from school. School let out at 11:30 today and my day is great. Sadly there is something that got me angry. (What is it?)

It’s Allen he’s mad a at me today because I called someone else my brother/bestfriend/my main. Like first of Allen you are my brother and my best friend, but when it comes to my main, ummm to ended things between us first. So that means you can’t talk. Hopefully he starts talking to me tomorrow because it’s been 2 days now and I miss my brother so much.

Getting into Fights


So far school has been really good. My dad has already started coming to school talking to my teachers. But that’s good I guess. Honestly I miss middle school, but high school is way better for my friends and I. I already have a group of girls trying to fight me because of not going to say names. (“ALLEN!!!”) But it’s okay because I told them if they want to fight lets go because I won’t be the one losing. Reminder there sophomores. My dad already told me I can fight them if they put there hands on me because everyone knows I can fight but they don’t. (Well not yet anyway) But today  one of them did put there hand on me, we didn’t finish our little fight but I was the one walking away and tomorrow I will still be the one walking away.

Get out of school early:

High school has so many surprises. We may have a halloween dance. (If we do I hope it will  be as lit as homecoming) This Wednesday I get out of school at 11:30. So cool. I might stop by Burdick for a while but it depends.