Getting into Fights


So far school has been really good. My dad has already started coming to school talking to my teachers. But that’s good I guess. Honestly I miss middle school, but high school is way better for my friends and I. I already have a group of girls trying to fight me because of not going to say names. (“ALLEN!!!”) But it’s okay because I told them if they want to fight lets go because I won’t be the one losing. Reminder there sophomores. My dad already told me I can fight them if they put there hands on me because everyone knows I can fight but they don’t. (Well not yet anyway) But today  one of them did put there hand on me, we didn’t finish our little fight but I was the one walking away and tomorrow I will still be the one walking away.

Get out of school early:

High school has so many surprises. We may have a halloween dance. (If we do I hope it will  be as lit as homecoming) This Wednesday I get out of school at 11:30. So cool. I might stop by Burdick for a while but it depends.


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