Movies & Life On The Girl Side


Okay so this week everyone has been talking the movies, like umm, I already seen all of those movies, so now I’m stuck at home. It’s Lit though.

Anyway, along with the movies I have some other news. Everyone knows that I am Bisexual and if you didn’t know that you’re slow as ever. Anyway this girl Dania and I have known each other since the 2nd week of school. Right! An we’re those kinds of friends that hug, hold hands, tell people were dating, and stuff like that. Okay!!! So on Tuesday even though we already act like we’re dating, we made it official, so that means I got a girlfriend, that is also my best friend. (Besides AIRLIA RUIZ that’s my best friend now and forever just like it’s been for the past 3 to 4 years…)


This movie is good!! Go watch it…

Image result for resident evil: the final chapter

This movie is Lit as ever.

Image result for xxx: return of xander cage

Honestly don’t waist your money on this movie. It’s weak and dumb.

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Good movie!!

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This movie is okay I guess.

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That’s It But Aye You Can’t Watch Them All. But movies I want to see are…

The Space Between Us, Beauty and the Beast, Rings, Fifty Shades Darker, and Bitter Harvest.


There Over


The exams are finally over. They were hard as ever. Like, tell me why I’m fluent in Spanish and I got a C+ on my Spanish 1 exam. That’s crazy and that’s how you know they were hard. This week was the worst. I’ve been sick with ear infections, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, head aches,  & sore throat. Yet if it wasn’t for exams I would not have been at school because my doctor said that I was contagious. But I had to go. An I had to take very good care of myself. So thank god the exams are over and now I can just lay down all week. THANK THE LORD!

Also I came to visit for a little bit yesterday. I went to visit Burdick and also my elementary school Roget Street Academy. It was very good to see people from my past that are still here. Surprisingly some of my friends from elementary school came to visit the school. It felt really good to see them because I haven’t seen them for 4 1/2 years. An then going back to Burdick was cool too. I actually did miss the teachers and some of the new 8th grades. (With I never thought I would, but I did!!!)

-Saida G.


Exams are in two weeks and everyone is freaking out. All of my older friends like the sophomores and juniors and telling me and my friends to study hard because it’s hard. “You may think that you know it but something will get you confused on that test.” So I’m out of school now because it’s a Wednesday and I’m home studying with my friend Alex. So We’re Going To Get To It!!!! BYE!!!