Family Time!!

So my dad got a new apartment right and we don’t really get to hang out with family. So lately we’ve been going to the park and bringing family and some of our friends to play sports because were all in love with sports. But this time we did things a little differently. On September 18th, 2015, we had a family game night it was basically just another little family gathering with my dad, his brother with his kids, and my dads cousin with his kids. Were all pretty close but that night it was like we had groups or something. It was my dad, his brother, and cousin playing the game (LIFE), my little sister, her cousin Ediana, and her boy cousin Angel and they were playing (5 second rule). Then my cousins Ariana, Eric, Lily, and I were in my room talking, listening to music, and playing (Bingo and Monopoly).

That night was really fun, I got to see almost all of my close family. Play games, eat food together, and catch up on what really matters. Being with family, it’s very important to spend time with family no matter what you do together as long as it counts. So some questions??

1.) When was the last time you spend time with your family?

2.) What did you all do together?

3.) would you ever want to do that again or would you want to do something different?


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