Best Friends Party Only

It’s that time of year wear there’s a lot of Best Friend parties going on. Those are were you take your best friend, dress the same, and show off while partying all night long. Now I have 8 best friends 4 boys and 4 girls but in this case I have three main best friends.
First Girly Mercedes Powell:Best Friends Party Only


Second My Truth Best Friend Airlia Ruiz:
Third My Cool Party Best Friend Jalissa Willis:






O My God!!! It is so hot. Why can’t I be a boy and be able to walk around with no shirt on? Like come on!! It’s so hot I’ve had no choice but to walk around in this.

NIKE yoga activewear
$37 –

Nike sneaker

New Intro

So since the summer has begun and not many people will be reading my blogs (hopefully) I’ve started posting my style. Things that I wear when I’m outside of school and the things the people ask me look better.

See I’ve always been good at many things but also bad bad at many things. I have always had a hard time making up my mind. But now with this new kind of blog I feel new. My friends always asked me things like, “does this look good together” or “should I wear this or this”, and you know what I like answering those questions. So I’m going to continue doing that and I’m going to do it using my blogs!!!


Night Out With Friends

Night Out With Friends


Night Out With Friends still wanting to look fli, while looking high in the sky.Look out friends because the stars are my friends.                                                                              -Saida

Saachi rope bracelet

Galaxy necklace

Purple jewelry
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WithChic blue sweatshirt
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Blue crop top

Cotton pants

Just Hang’ in Around

Just Hang' in Around


I’m lazy, cool, funny, and what ever else people say about me but I do know how to to look flash’in while I’m crash’in.                                                                                                              -Saida

Shirt vest
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Elizabeth and James varsity bomber jacket
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River Island denim short shorts
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Converse low profile shoes
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Henri bendel jewelry

Pendant jewelry

Billabong patch hat

Nails Inc nails inc nail polish

Time To Dance

Time To Dance


When I dance usually I wear things like this. Last time I danced with my well not crew but dance friends I wore this. Old style with the kind of pants and then made new.      -Saida

Nail treatment

Curly hair care

Vans snapback hat
$40 –

Silver jewelry

Vintage backpack

Cropped top

Smashbox lip gloss

Vans sports shoes
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