Yeah… Her Quince is finally here.

Yeah... Her Quince is finally here.

So much money, so much time, somuch work, so much crime…

Yes thank the Lord her Quince is finally here. It’s been the longest 5 months ever. Getting everything ordered, prepared, dances perfection, songs better then Beyonces, we are ready. This is what I have to wear because I’m in Angela’s court. Wish me good luck tomorrow (Friday). These dances were really hard an I’m singing Promise by Usher an Romeo Santos.

Cross your fingers for me!!!!



Spring Formal

Spring Fling
Just ordered these for my dumb Spring Formal. Wish one should I wear which one should my mi amor wear????????
-Saida G.💋
Going to Graduation and don't want to get too fancy. Here you go...

Deborah Lippmann gel nail color
$22 –

Trina Turk hair accessory
$72 –

Tech accessory

EWA round pendant
$2,980 –

Floral ring

Kate Spade cuff bangle

Charlotte Russe vegan handbag

Mint green top

Alice Olivia blazer jacket
$215 –

L a colors eyeshadow

Platform stiletto

I Can Be Girly & A Boy Too.

Just A Little Girly
Just ordered all of this stuff. Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve changed. But hey, I’ve always had this sense of style but now it’s just, I’m not as tired as I used to be in the morning getting ready for school. But yeah, I can be girly but I can also be a boy…
Boy/Girl Life

 Bae and I be looking cute for once. If you’re not Bi or Lesbian then the one good thing that comes from dating a girl is, is that you guys can both match and look more cute then the other person.

-Saida G.💋