Marquis Makes Me Mad

The field trip on Friday was pretty amazing. The whole time I hung out with Mario, Davon, both Antonio’s, Diana, Libby, Nathalie, Sam, Airlia, Hazeal, Max, mostly Adam, Eli and Marquis. It was fun hanging out with them because I finally got some new friends like Davon he’s my new “Black Presidential Best Friend”, just like others but you know.

Anyway on our way back home while we were on the boat I fell asleep because my head hurt really bad because I hit it on the submarine door. While I was sleeping Marquis was taking pictures of me while he was trying to lean on me, and mess with me. It sucks because when I wanted to see them Max’s phone died and then he deleted them. (So irritating). But now I still don’t know what else he was doing to me. BOYS THESE DAYS!

1 Rule For Forever: Never fall asleep when Marquis is by you, because you never know what’s going to happen. -Saida



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